Matching Tea With Food

Matching Tea With Food

Have you ever done this? What did you think of it?

I’ve only recently started to consciously match tea with food. Usually I drink something else when I’m eating, but this experiment is leading to so much fun I’m doing it more and more.

Just the other day I matched a clean Japanese green tea with a very flavourful couscous salad made by a friend.

I also matched a Chinese green tea to a spiced pasta dish. With muffins or cookies, a nice Earl Grey balances the sweetness. For breakfast, an oolong is a mellow accompaniment to oatmeal or toast.

In general, I’m finding that :

1) Strongly flavoured food goes well with a clean, bright green tea.
2) Sweet foods go beautifully with a tea that has some bite or bitterness.
3) Heavy meat dishes seem to handle black teas.
4) Green tea goes well with cheese and savoury cold foods.

Try it! See what you think and leave a comment about what you discover!

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