How / Where are Maya Tea's products made?

All of our teas are dreamed up, mixed, packaged and shipped from our Tucson, AZ facility from globally sourced ingredients. 



Are your teas organic or fair-trade? 

Though we do sometimes purchase organic or fair-trade teas and ingredients, our goal has always been to produce a great finished cup of tea. Sometimes this goal means that we have to pass on ingredients with special certifications if their quality is not up to snuff. Because of this, we do not guarantee these kinds of certifications on any of our products. 



Are your teas gluten-free? 

Yes! We do not use any gluten-based products in any of our ingredients or final products.



What are "natural flavors"? Are they chemicals? 

A great question!

We use exclusively All Natural Flavors in our loose leaf and sachet bagged teas. The flavors we use look, smell and behave just like the liquid flavors you would use at home when baking. The main ingredients are two simple items: a carrier alcohol, just like the at-home version, and the flavors suspended in that alcohol. During processing we tumble dry our teas until all the alcohol is off-gassed, or evaporated. This leaves behind just the flavors which are now bound to the tea leaves and other ingredients.

All natural flavors (versus artificially derived flavors) have a really complicated description from the FDA, but in simple terms they define natural flavors as, "any flavoring agent made from exclusively naturally occurring substances". Whether that's the distillation of berries to capture their great flavors, or the pressed oils of nuts or citrus, it must be natural in origin. So you can be sure that when you drink Maya, you're not getting any artificial, fake flavors in your cup. 



What's the best way to brew Maya Teas? 

We're passionate about education and have written lengthy, detailed articles about how to make the best cup of tea. You can read those on our Learn Tea page. 



Can I pick up my tea?  Do you have a retail store?  

We do not have a retail storefront at this time, sorry. And though we are always happy to meet our customers, our facility is a busy place with strict health and safety regulations regarding visitors. Because of this, we ask that you please place your orders online for delivery to your location. 



Where can I buy your teas in Tucson?   

There are dozens of restaurants across town that serve our teas in various forms, but here's a few of our ride-or-die favorites... 

(Want to be on our list? Drop us a line and we'll add your business!)



I'm a business owner. How can I get wholesale pricing?  

We'd love to count you among our many wholesale customers. Reach out to us and we'll get you set up. If you already have an account with us, you can place your order online at www.mayateawholesale.com or by following the "Wholesale" links at the top of our website.