Herbal Tea: Vanilla Spice

Ingredients: Cinnamon chips, ginger Root, Fennel Seed, N/A Vanilla Flavour

What a beautiful tea, before and after steeping! It’s all fennel seeds and cinnamon aroma - like an offering at an Indian market - exotic, spicy, and warming. Brews up a cloudy light gold - that’s the powdered ginger demanding attention. The steeped scent is all ginger and cinnamon, with an undercurrent of fennel sweetness.

First sip: Wow, this tea packs a flavour punch! You wouldn’t think something with only four ingredients would create something so complex, but there it is!

Ginger predominates; not overly spicy, just a lingering heat that remains on the tongue. Cinnamon is next, adding that special twist of spicy exotic fragrance and taste. Last comes the fennel with a subtle sweet finish that beautifully balances out the ginger. The vanilla is no more than a supporting player in all of this, smoothing everything together in to a cohesive flavour profile.

This is a well rounded, full flavoured cup, dominated by spicy ginger. A perfect warming drink for the cooler days of fall and complex enough to stand alone without sweetener.

Although it does cry out to be added to molasses cookies...


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