Two glasses of punch with fruit in it

3 Ways to Jazz Up Tea for the Holidays

Everything gets a little fancy at this time of year; people are more adventurous in their drink choices, and every host is trying to be different. Try these ideas and you just might find a new favorite.

1) Switch your sweetener

Catch the holiday spirit by swapping in maple syrup, brown sugar, or (very) light molasses instead of your normal sweetener. The rich flavors bring to mind molasses cookies and fruitcake, they add depth to the mix of flavors in your tea, and a bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone!

2) Add in other flavors

Jump on the gingerbread bandwagon and steep your regular tea with a cinnamon stick, a chunk of ginger, or red peppercorns. Or try adding in a few curls of orange peel, a couple of rosy cranberries, and a few almonds or walnuts. A Wassail drink without the hangover!

3) Make a cocktail

You could also embrace the hangover! Tea cocktails are a delicious taste alternative for a holiday get together, and they can adapt to any occasion. Add a bit of Vodka to a mint tea with black peppercorns, and you have a stimulating cold drink for a late evening. Adding a bit of a creamy nut liquor instead of milk creates a hot toddy that is just a little bit more decadent.

Use the season to experiment, and enjoy it even more with your fingers wrapped around your favorite mug!