Gift Suggestions for Tea Lovers

The holidays are upon us, and the tea lover on your list should be the easiest one to buy for! Keep these tips in mind while you shop, and you can quickly and easily find a gift to thrill any tea lover.

1. Don't buy a mug!
Unless you have explicitly heard your tea lover state that they need a new mug, don't buy them one! Many, (if not most) tea lovers already have cupboards full of beautiful, mismatched cups and mugs...more than any one person could ever use. You'll keep the cupboard full, and know your gift is enjoyed if instead of a mug, you.....

2. Buy Tea!
But you're afraid you don't know what they like? No problem! Tea is a consumable...if they don't like it, they can serve it to guests. More likely, they will try something different and fall in love with a new flavour.

3. Loose-leaf Tea
If you're going to buy tea, buy loose leaf, preferably from a local store. Loose leaf tea is high in quality, less expensive per serving, and usually beautifully packaged in reusable tins or properly sealed bags. Tins keep tea fresh, serve as useful containers, and add a bit of elegance to your already thoughtful gift. Don't overlook local craft shops and Farmer's Markets. They often sell loose tea featuring local flavours as a gift item.

4. Add a steeper
There are never enough single-serving steepers to go around. You can choose from different models: pincer styles, spoon shaped styles, ones that come apart and dangle from a chain. They can sit on top of a mug or in the bottom of a teapot, and the best part is, you can't choose wrong! They all work well, and having a variety is never a bad thing. You can even purchase a package of empty tea bags to go with your loose leaf tea- made from hemp, environmentally friendly, and very convenient, they're a perfect gift for someone who is accustomed to bagged tea.

5. Branch Out

If you happen to know what kind of tea your tea lover loves, you can branch out in your tea choices. Each tea category overlaps a little bit, so you can introduce something new and different while still ensuring they'll like the tea you choose for them.

- If they love Green tea, get them White tea or Oolong.

-If they love Black tea, get them Oolong or a nice flavoured Rooibos.

-If they love Rooibos, get them a Yerba Mate or Honeybush

If you're not sure, ask! Most vendors who sell tea will know enough to guide you in the right direction, and tea stores are famous for having passionate, well informed staff.

Buying a tea lover a gift is really quite simple; give them more of what they like, and they'll be pleased as punch you thought of them during the holidays.

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