Chai Tea

We have a special love for chai tea here at the Maya Tea Co.  In fact, it was for the love of chai that this company began, nearly fifteen years ago.  Manish Shah, our founder and owner, so enjoyed his mother’s chai that he began to blend it in bulk and sell it at a local farmers’ market.  The company has grown exponentially since, and so has our line of chai teas, from one product to five supremely spiced varieties.

In addition to our Original Black Chai, with its strong ginger, cardamom, and pepper notes, we’ve added four new blends, including our Maté Chai which features zesty lemongrass, and our new Winter White Chai, with the surprising addition of coconut.  We’ve kept our grasp on tradition and our eye on the horizon, to bring you the best of this wonderfully complex, enticing tea.