Pu'er Tea

Pu'er tea.  It smells like a stack of National Geographics, stacked away and forgotten in an attic for ten years.  It brews the color of long-oversteeped black tea.  It tastes like a cup of freshly scooped garden soil.

No matter how you describe the rich, earthy aroma and taste of Pu'er tea, you are sure to love it.  Pu'er is one of the most unique offerings of the tea world—a fermented black tea, which is stored in clay pots and aged to perfection.  It is the only tea that gets better and better with every passing year, and with every minute longer that you steep it.  Don’t let the strange descriptions steer you away… Pu'er is one of the favorites of the Maya Tea Co. staff, and it will be one of yours, too.