Japanese Matcha

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  • Matcha is powdered Green Tea. The leaves are dried and then stone-ground to a fine powder, which you simply add to water, hot or cold. When you drink it, you are actually ingesting the entire tea leaves, rather than just the constituents that come off at boiling point. This provides you significantly more antioxidants and other beneficial components, such as fat-burning and cancer-fighting abilities. Drinking one cup of Matcha has the nutritional value of drinking ten cups of Green Tea. Matcha is known for its strong grassy flavor and its incredible energy boost.

    Our Japanese Choice Grade Matcha can be brewed in the traditional manner of being whisked into hot water, or added to smoothies and baked goods for a more modern approach. Sold in resealable pouches.

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    Japanese Matcha

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    Choice Grade Japanese Matcha Green Tea

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