Mmmmm… Maya Tea Mead

Make mead at home using tea and our recipe.Mead is made from honey, fermented like wine, but is usually much stronger. One of our employees brought a bottle along to a holiday party last year, and all of us passed it around and commented on its slight, delicious peach flavor.  What I didn’t realize at the time, however, was that the flavor came from tea.

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Herbal Tea: African Rose

Rose flavored tea with rooibos and honeybush.Easily the most fragrant tea I've ever laid my hands on, one tiny packet of this tea has perfumed my whole cupboard!

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Herbal Tea: Organic Honeybush

Honeybush flowers on a plant in South Africa.Oh, I do enjoy a plain, unadorned Honeybush tea. It's so good I almost finished my cup before I remembered I was supposed to be reviewing it!

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