I think I'm Cheating

On Tea. With Hot Chocolate.

I still love tea, of course. I still drink about three cups a day of various kinds. And I’ve managed to run out of my favourite rooibos blend- actually emptied the tin.

But almost every day for the past month I find myself making hot chocolate, and I feel guilty! This has never happened before!

Perhaps I need to take my own advice and rediscover my favourites. I miss plain green tea- not much left in the closet at this point. Or I can make Chai, that creamy, sweet indulgence...just as indulgent as hot chocolate. I could even put whipped cream on it.

I’ve taken breaks from tea before, switching suddenly to water or juice until I go back, refreshed and ready for more. But I’ve never before turned to hot chocolate as a regular thing, and its making me wonder why I’m doing it. I like hot chocolate, you see. But I don’t adore it the way I adore tea. I don’t analyze it and think about it. I don’t debate the merits of this hot chocolate or that hot chocolate. It’s not all that healthy for me. It doesn’t leave me giddy with delight.

So what gives? If anyone has an answer, let me know in the comments!

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