Green Tea: Sweet Orange

Ingredients: Young Hyson, Orange Peel, Safflower Petals, N/A Orange Flavours

This tea is kind of peculiar. I have no desire to sweeten it, but I always have something sweet with it when I drink it.

Not at all what I expected from a green tea; it's quite light, only needs a short steep, and has beautifully creamy top notes. There are also hints of cranberries, and of course, the pungent, Chinese green base. It would be excellent in a holiday cocktail with a twist or iced with a bit of lemon.

I'm tempted to add some lemon right now...a very interesting tea indeed! The sort of thing that once you start drinking regularly, you start craving at odd moments. It's not super obviously fruity, but the pleasant fruit notes subtly filter down into your taste buds as you drink it. Very subtle, very pleasant. I may have just talked myself into having another cup!


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