Herbal Tea: Organic Honeybush

Ingredients: Organic Honeybush

Oh, I do enjoy a plain, unadorned Honeybush tea. It's so good I almost finished my cup before I remembered I was supposed to be reviewing it! And it's easy to see where they got the name. As soon as hot water hits the tea leaves, the sweet scent rises on the steam and wafts around you. It does smell sweeter than it tastes, which is nice; very thirst quenching and can satisfy a sugar craving without overdoing it.

The liquor steeps to a deep, burnt range, reminiscent of rooibos. The two are similar in many ways, robust, flavourful, caffeine-free, and not nearly as appreciated as they should be. I have a feeling this could handle a drop of milk and honey for a particularly indulgent treat, but it's so pleasant the way it is that I haven't bothered to try it. Smoother and less earthy at the base, although there are some earthy notes around the edges that linger on the tongue.

Just beautiful.


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