Oolong Tea: Formosa Oolong

Oolong Tea

This tea hails from Taiwan, I believe, and is very different in taste compared to other oolongs I have tried. Deep, dark, and with thick, full body, it is substantial and not to be ignored.

Of course, like most oolongs, it has that signature smooth feel in every sip; I even oversteeped my cup, and still it was smooth as silk, although considerably richer than I expected.

Not a fresh, light style oolong, the flavour here is almost meaty. It would be a good choice for someone who wants the health benefits of tea but thinks green tea tastes too watery, or established drinkers of black tea who are looking for something different.

There are elusive, fruity notes hiding in the background, but I can't pin them down beyond vaguely sweet and substantial. The top notes are earthy, suggestive of pu-erh, and very pleasant. The combination of earthy and fruity works surprisingly well, and I'll be having more of this.

A lovely, mid-grade oolong for those who like a tea with substance.

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