Is This Normal? Tea Along for the Ride

On my desk are two separate tea mugs and a teapot, all full, and containing two different teas. A flavoured black tea with milk. An accidental blend of two oolongs. A full teapot.

Is this normal?

If I'm feeling slow and groggy when I wake, I reach for an oolong first thing; soothing, light tasting, miracle working oolong. It has been thoroughly studied for its health benefits, immune boosting powers, and allergy suppressing abilities. I know I feel good when I drink it. Cleansed. Bright and shiny. Prepared, and ready to face the day, but not jittery or twitchy with caffeine.

If I'm in a particularly bright mood, I start off with a white tea (can't wait to try the luscious sounding Madagascar Coconut). White teas are so delicate, though. I feel I must appreciate them in all their complexity and aroma, and it becomes an event to have a cup of white tea.

More frequently, the oolong will be followed by a spectacular black tea. Something fruity and unusual, or a flavourful chai for this new autumn weather. A robust, assertive, seize the day kind of tea, to help me weather the mid-morning.

Depending on circumstance, I may switch to a caffeine-free tea at noon, or I may rev things up with a glorious Matcha combination. I use Matcha as a last resort- the best energizing and cleansing tea, but one that is guaranteed to give me strange dreams and a restless sleep. I am sensitive to caffeine!

If I make the herbal switch, to something as roundly flavourful as Vanilla Spice, for example, I may find I need one more boost to make it through the afternoon hours and land safely at home. Roasted Mate is my savior in those times. I feel rested, I'll sleep well, and I get to indulge in a tea that is light and drinkable and makes me feel fantastic.

Returning back home, it's all herbal, all the way. Rooibos is my constant, non-demanding love, in all flavours and formats. So healthy, so many nutrients. I feel like I'm drinking vitamins when this is my "before bed" tea, but it's just as likely I'll reach for a seasonal herbal tea in the evening. Usually these herbal blends contain two to nine ingredients!

So, normal or not, a typical day starts out with two teas, proceeds through six variations and three different plants, and ends happily with the promise that I can do it all again tomorrow.

Maybe it's me who's along for the ride!

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