During this time of year, most of us find ourselves so frazzled to find ways of expressing our thankfulness and love for others that we often forget to reflect upon what it is that we are really thankful for.  In this brief intermission of seasons, before holiday orders start flooding in and before our employees begin to gain grey by the minute, we wanted to take a moment to sit with our thoughts and reflect upon what it is that we are thankful for.  It is no short list.

First, foremost and always, we would like to thank you - our customers. You make it all happen for us. You push us to our best performance, encourage us to stay current and innovative with our tea blends and bless us with your patronage. While we truly love tea, it is you that we are passionate about. It brings us immeasurable joy to watch a new business establish roots, to see the small café thriving alongside major corporations, and to receive word that our efforts and products make a difference. Thank you for allowing us into your lives!

In this time of economic hardship, we are truly honored and thankful to be here. We are grateful to have joined hands with new customers and thankful for the years that we have shared with old. We are overjoyed to have been able to integrate three new members into our team over the past year, now totaling nine. We are blessed by all that they bring to the table and are privileged to be able to contribute to their lives as well. Welcome Kelly, Lupita and Tere!

We strive always to remember our thanks for each and every day, and to allow it to shine through in the work that we do and our connections with others. Each moment is a gift and having people to share it with an honor. Thank you for sharing in our lives, and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season!

With love, from the Maya Tea Company

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