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Anyone who has tested Maya Tea against other brands can verify its superiority.  The leaves we pick are of superb quality, reflected in the wonderful aroma and taste in each sip.  We search high and low for the best teas at an affordable price, and we pride ourselves in providing excellent varieties from regions all over the world including China, Japan, India, South America, Africa and Argentina.  All of the blending however is done in one location, at our offices in Tucson, Arizona.  Every so often a customer from this website will visit Tucson and ask to stop by to see the facility and pick up a tea order, which we happily oblige, and it is always a thrill to see the look on a customer's face when they walk in the front door:  is this it?

We reside in a small converted house tucked away in a neighborhood in central Tucson.  No sign marks our presence, only the sleek number 225 above our door and the sweet, fruity aroma that lingers around the building will ensure that you're in the right place.  As you enter the double front door, you will likely be greeted by our tea blender and the first employee of the Maya Tea Company, who bustles around the front of the shop blending teas and packaging them to go out the door. This front room is the "blending facility", where a portion of our tea leaves become signature Maya Tea blends.  It is a cramped 10x20 room lined with one large packing machine, one large mixer, a long table complete with sealers and scales, and about twenty large bags of tea, each containing about 100 pounds or so.  These teas serve as the base product for most of our tea blends and iced teas.

As you breeze through the hallway you will pass a table of outgoing orders and a small office that holds the heart of the company, owner Manish Shah.  His ear is pressed against the phone and his laughter carries out into the hallway, and in a moment he'll likely filter out to greet you personally.

The small hallway opens into a larger back room, lined with shelving to hold every ingredient in use for our blends, from hibiscus to echinacea, licorice root to cinnamon, and everything in between.  Against the front wall there are two desks, where five employees rotate to do everything that the company requires, from accounting to sales and website management.

That's it.  There are no other rooms.  Amazement usually resonates with those who have never before seen our facilities- we pump a lot of magic from so discreet a place.  Distinct blends like Vanilla Mint Sencha and Seven Seas came from within this building, and the creativity never stops.  Frequently large boxes of ingredients are dragged to the front, measured and mixed in large mixing bowls, and finally taken into the office to be cupped and approved by the heart.  Every year several new blends are introduced, and this year we are off to an exceptional start.

Allow me to introduce you to the featured flavors of 2009 - they were created with love by our small family, and we know they will be tasted with love by yours.

Cocoa Creme Black Tea. For the first time, the bold, aromatic flavors of coffee are introduced to our smooth South Indian black tea.  This marriage is celebrated with spicy cocoa, creamy yogurt chips, and the light, toasty flavor of vanilla, surprising our senses and delighting anyone who thought they would never savor the best of both worlds.

Coconut Rush Black Tea. Rich, malty Assam black tea blends smoothly with the subtle grassy flavors of South American Yerba Mate, providing the perfect base for our newly featured flavor, coconut.  Sprinkled with shreds of real coconut, this tea embodies comfort and leisure.  Perfect both hot and iced.

Spicy Pear Black Tea. A vibrant black Assam tea combines with cinnamon chips and pear to create a delicious, full bodied smooth tea.  Its spicy notes are reminiscent of fall afternoons, and sips of this piquant tea will warm the spirit and enliven the mind.

Toasty Almond Black Tea. An exotic and intoxicatingly nutty almond flavor with a light touch of vanilla blends beautifully to create a wonderfully balanced, toasty black tea.  Perfect served in the English fashion, with a touch of milk for a tasty tea latte.

Jasmine Sunset Green Tea. As the title suggests, this tea bursts with individuality and zest.  Jasmine Green Tea is infused with Rooibos, a red bush tea from South Africa.  Lemon Verbena, Ginger and Orange are splashed across the palette for an exquisite and aromatic finish.  Served well for a relaxing evening or an after-dinner drink.

And, last but most certainly not least (this tea has already become more popular than our beloved Apricot Black), the Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea. A unique spin off of the Cuban Mojito, a drink traditionally featuring the zesty flavors of mint and lime.  Pomegranate gently compliments these predominate flavors against a smooth and delicate green tea base.  This tranquil blend is perfect for a summer afternoon and, as the creator of the blend will tell you, mixes remarkably well with tequila for an extra special treat.

These new blends of 2009 are available on our website, and come highly recommended by our team.  As we continue to evolve, you can expect to see the birth of additional blends.  And as always, do feel free to stop in!

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