- Back in the Saddle!

If you haven't noticed, our website has recently undergone some structural and functional changes.  We have revamped in order to provide you with an easier, more enjoyable shopping experience.  Here are some of the changes you may notice:

1.  Better, Clearer Pictures. From the long, twisted variety to the hand-rolled pearls of tea, now you can view our teas in the exquisite detail that they deserve.

2.  More Variety. We have countless varieties of teas in stock and endless blending options, but until now only a selected portion of these have been available to you.  Our motto?  If we can blend it, you can buy it.  Make sure to browse our tea shop to see all that has been added, including a line of decaffeinated teas, chai teas, holiday varieties and tea accessories.

3.  Tea Accessories. We will have a rotating stock of beautiful, hand crafted teapots appearing in the "Accessories" section of our tea shop.  You will always find infusers and teabags in this section, but make sure to check back often for the teapots.  We carry only one of each, so the pots available will be changing frequently.

4.  Blogging. We're doing it.  For those of you reading this blog, you likely have noticed that we haven't posted one in over two years.  That doesn't mean that there hasn't been anything going on, on the contrary we have been growing exponentially and our office has been buzzing nonstop with news.  We simply haven't delivered it to the forefront.  With the introduction of our revised website, this is changing.

So keep posted - you can expect to hear from me soon!

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