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Serious Tea For Not-So Serious People

Cocoa Creme Black
from $6.00 Cocoa Creme Black
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This organic green tea in enhanced by cherries and rose petals, for a fruity and floral Chinese Sencha tea.
from $9.00 Cherry Rose Sencha Green
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Cinnamon Orange Spice Rooibos is a non-caffeinated herbal red bush tea with orange peel and cinnamon chips for a warming herbal tea.
from $7.00 Cinnamon Orange Spice Rooibos Herbal
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Green Dragon oolong tea is processed in the Tung Ting Jade style, is hand-rolled and a very high grade tea.
from $21.00 Green Dragon Oolong
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A sensual, aphrodisiac tea, Infusion No 9 blends roasted yerba mate, chocolate cocao nibs, organic South American yerba mate, rose buds and petals, and lavender flowers.
from $8.00 Infusion No. 9 Herbal
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A blend of green tea and white tea, Jasmine tea with Shou Mei and Plum flavor.
from $11.00 Plum Blossom White
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A perfect tea for sickness and for the immune system, Seven Seas has cinnamon chips, ginseng root, peppermint, echinacea, sarsparilla root, licorice root, organic rooibos.
from $9.00 Seven Seas Herbal
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Organic Tulsi, or Indian Holy Basil, is a minty tea known to improve memory, reduce fever, relieve coughs, colds, asthma, stress, is good for the respiratory system and more.
from $12.00 Tulsi "Indian Holy Basil" Organic Herbal
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Cinnamon Apple isn't the only pie flavor we offer... this tea features cinnamon chips and pears, for a great dessert tea.
from $10.00 Spicy Pear Black
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Cinnamon chips and orange peel in a rich South Indian black tea for a warm, spicy and citrus tea.
from $7.00 Cinnamon Orange Spice Black
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Boost your immune system and protect against disease and infection with alfalfa, astralugus, echinacea, hyssop and yarrow.
from $14.00 Immunity Elixir
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Shou Mei white tea makes a light base for masala chai tea, with a new flavor twist: we've added lemon grass and coconut to make this chai tropical!
from $11.00 Winter White Chai
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The First Chai Try
September 04, 2012

Chai Latte With Masala Spices and MilkThe first time I tried chai was in the kitchen of my parent’s house, and served by my younger sister.  “You have to taste this—” she insisted, pushing a mug across the countertop to me.  She refused to elaborate on its contents.  The flavors, she said, would speak for themselves.

Considering Water
May 18, 2012

Water quality is essential for brewing good tea. Photo by Damien A WeidnerThe quality of water affects the taste of your tea; this is beyond dispute.  The relative quantities of mineral salts, oxygen and trace elements determine the relative "liveliness" or "flatness" of a particular cup. To that simple substance we add the basic flavor of the leaf itself or an herbal substitute.

Comfort and Refreshment
May 17, 2012

Comfort and Refreshment from tea. Photo by by ChicagoSageComfort is a complex idea; it evokes childhood memories, a feeling of safely and warmth. Anyone who started drinking tea when they were young, or anyone who lives in a cold climate, knows the soothing warmth of a hot beverage.

Black Tea: Mango
May 07, 2012

A ripe mango on a tree during harvest.Drinking this tea is a bit like drinking Autumn sunshine. Subtle. Warming. Hints of tantalizing flavors around the edges. Smooth as a golden drop of honey.