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Serious Tea For Not-So-Serious People

Organic South African Rooibos red bush tea with honeybush herbal tea and rosebuds and rose petals for a rich floral tisane.
from $8.00 African Rose Herbal
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Chinese Shou Mei White tea with dried blueberries and bright blue cornflowers make this Blueberry tea fruity and delicious.
from $11.00 Blueberry White
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Matcha is stone-ground Japanese green tea in powder form, and is used to make green tea lattes or green tea frappuccinos, and even green tea ice cream.
$14.00 Choice Grade Matcha
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Organic Guayusa is an herbal relative of Yerba Mate, a member of the holly family, with a high caffeine content.  Good tea for clarity, focus and energy.
from $13.00 Guayusa Organic Herbal
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Detox and cleanse your system with this tea, featuring burdock, calendula, and creosote.
from $14.00 Detox Tonic
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Improve brain function and memory with this tea, featuring ginkgo biloba and gotu kola.
from $17.00 Brain Elixir
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Get proper nutrition with this herbal tea including alfalfa, dandelion, horsetail, nettles and oatstraw.
from $13.00 Nutrition Tonic
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Relaxation is easy with this herbal tea with gotu kola, lemon balm, oatstraw, passion flower, skullcap and more.
from $21.00 Relaxation Elixir
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Orange Pekoe black tea flavored with fruity mango and flowers makes a wonderful summer tea, hot and iced.
from $7.00 Mango Black
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Our herbal chai tea recipe includes  South African Rooibos redbush tea and a spicy masala blend.  Add milk and sugar for a chai latte.
from $10.00 Original Herbal Chai
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Young Hyson green tea is infused with pomegranate, lime, and peppermint, for  mojito-like cocktail tea.
from $7.00 Pomegranate Mojito Green
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Prickly pear cactus fruit, or cactus fig, is native to the Sonoran desert. We blend it with hibiscus, rosehips, chicory root and chamomile for a magenta punch-like tea.
from $8.00 Prickly Pear Herbal
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The First Chai Try
September 04, 2012

Chai Latte With Masala Spices and MilkThe first time I tried chai was in the kitchen of my parent’s house, and served by my younger sister.  “You have to taste this—” she insisted, pushing a mug across the countertop to me.  She refused to elaborate on its contents.  The flavors, she said, would speak for themselves.

Considering Water
May 18, 2012

Water quality is essential for brewing good tea. Photo by Damien A WeidnerThe quality of water affects the taste of your tea; this is beyond dispute.  The relative quantities of mineral salts, oxygen and trace elements determine the relative "liveliness" or "flatness" of a particular cup. To that simple substance we add the basic flavor of the leaf itself or an herbal substitute.

Comfort and Refreshment
May 17, 2012

Comfort and Refreshment from tea. Photo by by ChicagoSageComfort is a complex idea; it evokes childhood memories, a feeling of safely and warmth. Anyone who started drinking tea when they were young, or anyone who lives in a cold climate, knows the soothing warmth of a hot beverage.

Black Tea: Mango
May 07, 2012

A ripe mango on a tree during harvest.Drinking this tea is a bit like drinking Autumn sunshine. Subtle. Warming. Hints of tantalizing flavors around the edges. Smooth as a golden drop of honey.